Mixed Media Crafting by Kaz Brown

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Paperartsy 10th Birthday celebrations- 3up challenge piece

This is my piece for the Paperartsy 3up challenge which you can find on their blog
I was sent this.....
and these...

along with a few other bits and pieces and a colour swatch to work with.
I couldn't really think of anything to do with the canvas in a frame combo, I actually have a couple of these collecting dust in the craft room somewhere, then I thought about the box idea, and it just so happens the size was perfect to fit on the top of an MDF tissue box cover I had lying around waiting to be decorated....or rather it fit on the bottom as I flipped the box over and covered the tissue hole!
So I made it into this.....
kind of looks like a tea caddy, I like it....
I decided to make it like an "Inspiration Box"- you know when art journallers make a little box or book with word prompts in, and if they have a creative block they check it out? Kind of like that, with all different techniques and products most of us have lying around but forget to use cos we're too busy only using whatever is in arm's length (me). So I just went for it with the techniques and this is the result...
the whole base of the box was painted with the colours on the swatch, fresco paints applied with damp cut'n'dry foam to mix it from the dark raspberry colour at the bottom through to the nougat at the top.
side 1- stamping, masking, colouring with distress markers, crackle accents, rub ons, german scrap, treasure gold, rub ons, multi medium.
side 2 - frames were coloured with distress inks, treasure gold and paints. inside the frames on smoothy card (awesome) I've used parts of the stamps as well as other stamps in the Squiggly Ink range and coloured them using pencils, crayons, inks, paints, pens, and covered them with sepia accents, glossy accents and crackle accents. the little rub on is a Tim Holtz rub.
side 3 - you can't even see the base paint any more on this side, but I love it. I used a stencil, grunge paste, versafine onyx ink, lots of lovely treasure gold and a grungeboard heart coloured with fresco paint then crackle accents on it.
side 4 - my favourite- grunge paste through a stencil then stamped into (tutorial from Leandra here) and sanded, painted over with the same as the base colours, then added stamping, versafine and archival, couple of rub ons from Tim Holtz again and finally a stamped piece of tissue coloured and glued on the top, "amore" :)
Inside the box is more inspiration.... a little bookring thingy with different techniques used on the cards, so you can flip through them when you have that creative block and get ideas and inspiration!!
and not forgetting the underside of the canvas lid.....
the blue paint and stamping is the canvas underneath, and the centre of that had the little screw from the handle, it was too long so I made use of it and added all the ribbon, different charms, tokens, grunge and glittered tag, and a bamboo tile with an image transfer of Edgar Allen Poe......how random....lol I used to love doing image transfers but it's one of those things I am lazy about!
last but not least is the lid itself.... canvas was coloured with fresco paints very roughly where I knew the image would end up, the image was stamped onto 1 ply of a cosmetic tissue and then applied to the canvas with beeswax a la Hels Sheridan on C&C a few weeks ago!! I'm not keen on the lumpy bumpy beeswax so I zapped that with a heat gun and while it was drying I dropped some Tim Holtz dry glitter into it, it's really sparkly irl but you can't really capture that can you? Well I can't...lol
so that's it, I hope you like it and I loved making it, hope to get into the next 3up challenge and see what comes my way!!
Kaz :)




  1. OMG this is a gorgeous box Kaz, I love all the details on it. What a fabulous idea making it into an inspiration box with those flip through technique cards.

  2. I love it! Fabulous idea, with so much texture, colour & detail. Great idea, perfect piece.x

  3. I think this is a lovely box and a fantastic idea. We all need help with the mojo sometimes and I love the idea of picking up this box and checking out all the fun techniques. Great job

  4. Great project! Looks Fab. xxx

  5. This is stunning Kaz! What a lot of attention to detail and all beautifully executed.

    Lesley Xx

  6. This is absolutely stunning! I love it so much I can't even think where to begin! Words fail me. Well done!

  7. wow you really went for it Kaz. your box is stunning. each side is so different and fascinating to look at. this obviously "floated your boat! x