Mixed Media Crafting by Kaz Brown

Monday, 11 February 2013

Hels Tutorial and fabby workshop news!!!

So I tried to do a tutorial, turns out I am VERY messy when it comes to spraying black ink of any kind, you should see my craft table!! Anyway this tutorial was on Hels' Blog, click here for the tut- Hels' one is gorgeous obviously...but this is mine....lol

Hey, I did my best, honest. I just found it tough going with black spray and black gesso and made so much of a mess of it that I had to start again (thankfully Hels thought of that and had us seal it before spraying!! lmao)
This is going to the lovely Bev who has helped get me back into crafting......how did she do that? Only by finding a fantastic craft shop around the corner from her, called the Craft Den- and they do workshops there, with the likes of Andy Skinner, Kate Crane, Jean Hardy, and Hels Sheridan!!! So Bev booked into a Hels' workshop in April. And we got to talking...and I said I am coming down there (Scotland to Sheffield) for one of these workshops....turns out there is one in July with Hels, so off Bev went to find out the details and book us a place.
Not only did she book us the place, but the lovely lovely lady that owns the Craft Den has a room!! With a four poster bed no less!!! And I am staying there!!!!!! It just doesn't get any better does it??! SO looking forward to meeting Bev, we've known each other on Facebook for years- and obviously a workshop with Hels will be fabby- and if the journey is ok and my family manage without me for one whole night, which they will, I will be back down there for more workshops with the aforementioned fabby crafters!!! How exciting!!!
Anyway, I have a two year old who is ill so I should stop gabbing on here and go see to her, have a fantastic day, and remember and checkout my giveaway!
Kaz :)


  1. oo! Kaz that's lovely !! I'd better get going on mine now I've found my mojo again - thanks to chatting to you on FB. Will be off round to the craft shop cos I need some supplies - lol! xx I love, love , love it xx

  2. It's a fabulous canvas Kaz, and the next time you do some spraying use a spray box! So pleased that you've found your mojo again. :-)

  3. FAAAAB!!! YAY!!!! GO YOU!!!! love your gorgeous canvas and I did a happy dance to see you went for it with the black spray... I usually put newspaper under my creation with some kitchen roll as a barrier... still gets messy but it is fun lol Happy to hear you goign to be at The Craft Den too! YAY! x

  4. Gorgeous canvas, love your textural heart and dimensional flowers. Lovely. Tracy x

  5. I like it Kaz very good job xx

  6. Have I told you lately how happy I am that you are creating again. I love your artwork and this canvas is another fabulous piece.